Q.- What is Equity Portfolio Management Service ?

Ans.- Equity Portfolio Management Services (PMS) is an investment portfolio in stocks. These stocks range from a variety of sectors and span across Large, Mid and Small Cap companies.
It is managed by a professional money manager that is typically tailored to meet specific investment objectives. Additionally, the freedom and flexibility to tailor the portfolio as per personal preferences and financial goals remains.
We do not engage the funds of the clients in making intra-day trading or trading in future and options

Q.- Portfolio Management Services (PMS) ?


  1. – Advantage of equities as an asset class
  2. Solutions customised to needs of HNIs
  3. Personalised attention
  4. Portfolio Managers take buy / sell decisions on behalf of, but in consultation with a client
  5. Portfolio Managers regularly interact with clients to update them on portfolio strategy, performance and market outlook

Q.- Who is an ideal PMS investor ?

Ans.- The offerings are usually ideal for investors who:

  1. Desire personalized investment solutions
  2. Aim for long-term wealth creation
  3. Want an active management of their equity holding for better risk management
  4. Appreciate a high level of service

Q.- Who can sign up for PMS ?

  1. – Resident Individuals
  2. Hindu Undivided Families (HUF)
  3. Body corporate (Private/Public)
  4. Trust (Registered)
  5. Non Resident Indian (NRI)*
  6. Partnership Firms or any other eligible investor

* Subject to RBI approval

Q.- Are The Qualifications to Open an Account?

Ans.- You must be over 18 years and either a Resident Indian or a Non-resident Indian. Also, the investor should have a minimum investment amount of INR 25, 00,000.

Q.- Can I meet my portfolio manager and discuss portfolio ?

Ans.- Of course! Our investors should feel free to request an appointment with us and we will promptly arrange a meeting with our PM to discuss your portfolio or answer other investments related queries.

Q.- What is the cost of PMS ?

Ans.- Most Portfolio Managers allow a choice between a fixed and a performance-linked management fee or a combination. Performance fees are charged as a percentage of returns above a certain hurdle rate.
A fixed fee is a management fee is charged as a percentage of assets under management.
In addition, actual expenses like custodian expenses, audit fee, brokerage on transactions, etc. are charged on actuals.

Q.- Is Premature withdrawal of Funds/securities by an investor Allowed ?

Ans.- The funds or securities can be withdrawn or taken back by the client before the maturity of the contract.
However, the terms of the premature withdrawal would be as per the agreement between the client and the portfolio manager.

Q.- Can Portfolio Manager impose a lock-in on the investor ?

Ans.- Portfolio managers cannot impose a lock-in on the investment of their clients.
However, a portfolio manager can charge exit fees from the client for early exit, as laid down in the agreement.